Tattoo Training

Xtreme Tattoos is one of the leading tattoo training centers Bangalore providing a unique experience with quality standards. Tattoo Training Institutes Bangalore, Over the years of providing tattoo training, we have developed a mature and refined course structure, which covers what we feel are the eight most important points to not only knowing how to perform safe and high quality tattoos, but how to use this knowledge to become a professional tattooist.

Tattoo Training Course Bangalore | Tattoo Training Institutes Bangalore

If you are looking to learn how to tattoo, then our courses will provide you with all the information you need, to set you up as a professional.


Duration – 2 months.

Fees – 50000/-

Part 1: Training

Tattoo Training Institutes Bangalore: Our course has been designed to offer an intensive but well rounded training experience, aimed at getting you ready to pursue tattooing as a profession, as soon as you finish your training.

Part 2: Painting and drawing exercises

Preparing the tattoo will cover all you need to know about the process needed before performing the tattoo. This will include choosing the style, type and tools needed for the tattoo at hand. In this part you will learn:

  • How to work with stencils.
  • How to work with blueprints.
  • How to work free hand.
  • About working with tattoo sheets.
  • How to work with outlines and bloodlines.
  • About using an ‘all in one’ printer.
  • Which parts of the body, suit which type of tattoo method.
  • Which parts of the body to avoid tattooing.


Part 3: Using tattoo machines (coil and rotary) on practice skins

Becoming familiar and skilled with the tattoo machine will form a large part of your training. In this part you will learn:

  • The difference in machines.
  • How to handle the machine.
  • How to maintain the machine, and become familiar with the parts.
  • How to insert needles.
  • How the regulator works.


Part 4: Using different needles for lining, shading and colouring

A topic that is covered in depth since working with tattoo needles and their parts is a central skill to tattooing. In this part you will learn:

  • How to work with and obtain needles.
  • Tips and grips.
  • About the effects created with needle use, shadows, outlines etc.


Part 5: After Care

A good knowledge of tattoo aftercare is a crucial part of your training, and so in this section you will be given hands on experience in advising and choosing the right aftercare products and procedures for your client, Tattoo Training Institutes Bangalore. In this part you will learn:

  • How to treat a tattoo after completion.
  • About protecting the finished tattoo from infection.
  • Which creams and ointments to advise clients to use, and for how long.
  • General healing information.
Part 6: Hygiene Checklist

As a tattooist, you will have to know the myriad of health and safety procedures necessary to keep both yourself and your customer free from infection. In this part you will learn:

  • The importance of sterilising and how to do it.
  • About hygiene protection for you and your customer.
  • General health and safety tips.
  • About iodine, how and where to use it.


Part 7: Observing the masters at work to acquire basic techniques

At Xtreme Tattoo Studios we host bangalore’s finest & well experienced professional tattoo artists. During your training period you will also be mentored by these professionals who will help you learn & acquire basic techniques. We believe that tattoo is an not just an art, it’s a beautiful thing to ink an individual who comes up with a passion/emotion and fulfilling their requirement gives us immense satisfaction.

Part 8: Detailed explanation of advanced tattoo tricks & techniques & certification.

We will ensure that you will leave our course fully qualified to not only create industry class tattoos, but to be able to do so whilst observing the stringent and necessary health and safety guidelines, Tattoo Training Institutes Bangalore.